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A regular eye exam is an important part of maintaining a person’s overall health. Many eye problems have no symptoms and rarely any pain. Doctors of Optometry recommend that adults have a comprehensive eye examination every one to two years, and children and seniors annually. In some cases, more frequent visits may be required.

A complete vision and eye health exam starts with a series of questions to determine your general health, family history and how you use your eyes at work and play. Then, using specially designed equipment, your Doctor of Optometry conducts an external and internal examination of your eyes, evaluates the alignment of your eyes, your ability to judge depth and colour, your peripheral vision, and how well you see.

Doctors of Optometry also test for common vision conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. The tissues and structures inside the eye are carefully examined, looking for eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration, as well as eye problems related to diabetes, tears in the retina, bleeding and tumours. Based on the results, your Doctor will advise you about corrective lens options most suited to your personal needs, or will refer you to a specialist if further evaluation or treatment is required.

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Purchasing Contact Lenses

Doctors of Optometry ensure your contact lenses properly correct your vision and attend to your eye health needs.

Our dispensaries offer a wide variety of contact lens styles and brands. However, not all contact lenses are created equal. It is important to remember that every contact lens product is unique and designed for a particular purpose. This includes everything from material, curvature, fit, oxygen permeability, deposit resistance, moisture content and lifespan. It is never recommended to switch the brand of lenses you are using without consulting a licensed eye care professional. Buying your contact lenses from a Doctor of Optometry will ensure you achieve optimal vision, comfort and eye health.

By working with your Doctor of Optometry, you will have certainty of:
  • The proper contact lens prescription, curvature, and modality based on lifestyle needs, and measurements of your eye curvature, tear chemistry and prescription.
  • The appropriate selection of a care system and solutions based on compatibility with different lens materials and compatibility with your eyes.
  • Professional monitoring to ensure optimum eye health, good vision and comfortable wear.
  • Updates with new lens technology that may better suit your particular vision needs or lifestyle demands.

See your Doctor of Optometry annually to monitor the health of your eyes and receive a personal consultation on your contact lens needs. This includes seeking immediate care if you experience any discomfort or vision change, and reporting any problems that may arise.

Buying Contact Lenses Online Purchasing contact lenses online comes with risks to your vision and eye health. Contact lenses are medical devices that sit directly on your corneas, and lenses that don’t fit correctly, or are not properly used and care for, can cause serious damage to your eyes. Some online sites do not verify the prescription. Without proper verification, you risk wearing an optically incorrect or improperly fitting lens. Many online sites - including those based in Canada - sell products that have not been approved by Health Canada, and the safety of these lenses has not been tested. Your Doctor of Optometry will only fit lenses approved by Health Canada to ensure that your lenses are authentic, accurate, and safe to wear.